Schrijf in het gastenboek

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jackGor, Medford, 11-12-2018 om 12:46
Almost all the players of the lisbon billiards academy bot your cues from your local agent, Mr Ernesto Barbeiro.
You have gave us some much as a player and now you're giving the opportunity of having the best material at fantastic prices.
PEDRO DOMINGUEZ, Portugal, 17-09-2018 om 04:28
Desde que estudio su maravilloso libro "Mister 100 " he mejorado enormemente mi puntaje, disfruto y tengo mas seguridad en mi juego. Gracias por su generosidad revelando sus enseñanzas.
Fabian Vasquez B., Colombia.Suramerica, 10-06-2018 om 17:27
Caudron wereldkampioen ... Onwillekeurig gaan meteen mijn gedachten uit naar Raymond Ceulemans: nog altijd onovertroffen!
Jaak Régal, België, 13-11-2017 om 13:31
Congratulations on your 80th Birthday.
I look forward to seeing you compete once again in NYC at the Verhoeven Open next month.
Karl Kantrowitz, USA, 24-07-2017 om 18:54