Are we related?? My father was born in Antwerp, Belgium and died in 1994 here in Vancouver, Canada. His name was Constant Ceulemans.
Ann Teresa Ceulemans, Canada, 12-03-2004 om 05:18
Oh, I think I`m so lucky boy. Why?? Well..Beacause I`m in YOUR SITE^^ 2002, When I so you first, oh..I can`t description my feeling. You made me think "That is ART!!"
-0- Bye~^^ -_-;;
Byoung Soo Jeon, South korea, 09-03-2004 om 10:53
Dear Friend, Your gentleman's approach to the pursuit of excellence in carom billiards is unequaled. Your website follows the same line. Fondly, Mike
Mike Melloy, Minneapolis, Mn USA, 06-03-2004 om 00:26
:):)HI Mr. 100!!!!!

Its a great proud for me to send this message!!!!

Congratulations for all your victories and for your example of are the greatest of all times!!!!
My nickname in Lima Peru is "Blomdahl", because the style of my game....but I know that you are the best of all times.....a legend!!!!

Best regards,sincerely yours,
Manuel Nieto Courrejolles.
Manuel Nieto Courrejolles, unknown, 03-03-2004 om 18:50
dhr. ceulemans mocht u toevallig in de buurt zijn te LA NUCIA [ALICANT] u BENT VAN HARTE WELKOM OP DE CLUB
cor klaver, Spanje, 16-02-2004 om 04:49
Since I bought your book (Mr. 100) I hav improved my game and learned how importance it is strategy.
I also own a couple of videos of some games you played in USA.
You are the best! It will be a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk and play! with you some day.
My best regards
Daniel Casares, Colombia, 13-02-2004 om 09:51
De Grootmeester aller Grootmeesters, de Midas van het groene laken, de Paraselsus van de speciale effecten en de Zeus van de edele Biljartsport. Deze levende legende zal voor eeuwig onsterfelijk blijven.
Dirk Van Giel, BELGIUM, 07-02-2004 om 20:39
hallow meneer ceulemans i kwilde effetjes zeggen dat ik u een hartstikke goede driebanden groot speler vindt ik vindt het mooi om te zien hoe u speelt ik heb heb filmpjes en alles van u groeten melvin
melvin, nederland, 03-02-2004 om 23:24
van alex hubenne
hoeilaart ( 1972 )
nog vele jaren en nog
vele ere titels.
alex hubenne, belgium, 02-02-2004 om 20:59
sir, you are the man,Cory Chapin
Cory Chapin, usa, 27-01-2004 om 02:28