Mister 100 book

The reprint of the famous Mister 100 is now available. We have had a lot of requests from over the whole world for this excellent instruction book, written by Raymond and published in six languages in 1979.

For some years now the book (with more than 470 pages) has been out of print. We are pleased to announce that the carom billiard book in all it's excellent glory, complete with billiard diagrams and photos, both new and original and a up to date palmares will be available again. One book that in six languages is shown: Spanish, English, Japanese, German, French & Dutch.

de cover van het boek Mister 100A historical document!

Billiard diagrams with clear explanation:

  • from short to long or out of a corner
  • from long to long
  • theory of shot patterns with reverse English
  • bank Shots
  • breaks
  • practical part and difficult shots

Now available: A special limited edition with certificate of authenticity: luxury cover, personal numbered by & with signature of Raymond Ceulemans.

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  • Pages: 471 hard bound (cover)
  • Weight: 2,2 KG
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, German, French & Dutch

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