Detailed list of individual victories of Raymond Ceulemans

It's impossible to list all the wins over the years. We estimate the Belgian has captured more than 300 first places over the years. Below just a recap of his official individual first places.

SeasonLocationOccasionTitle obtainedAverage
1960-61 Liege (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,026
1961-62 Louvain (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,141
  Kaatsheuvel (Net) European champion 3-Cushion 1,159
1962-63 Halle (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 23,18
  Tongeren (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 6,77
  Den Helder (Net) European champion 71/2 balk line 24,56
  Brussels (Bel) European champion 3-Cushion 1,202
  Lisbon (Por) European champion 1-Cushion 6,60
  Neuss (Ger) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,307
1963-64 Elsene (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 20,38
  Hoboken (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 9,09
  Turnhout (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,203
  Copenhagen (Den) European champion 3-Cushion 1,197
  Den Helder (Net) European champion 1-Cushion 7,20
  Ostende (Bel) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,223
1964-65 Mol (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 13,72
  Grobbendonk (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,242
  Lier (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Montecatini (Ita) European champion 1-Cushion 6,22
  Vienna (Aut) European champion 3-Cushion 1,160
  Antwerp (Bel) Worldchampion Pentathlon  
  Hilversum (Net) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,290
1965-66 Geel (Bel) Belgian champion 47/1 balk line 25,60
  Antwerp (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 36,41
  Louvain (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 12,38
  Duffel (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,341
  Buenos Aires (Arg) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,191
  Lisbon (Por) European champion 3-Cushion 1,420
  Krefeld (Ger) European champion 1-Cushion 10,62
  Tournai (Bel) European champion 71/2 balk line 53,84
1966-67 Boitsfort (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,166
  Lima (Per) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,345
  Angoulême (Fra) European champion 3-Cushion 1,253
  Deurne (Bel) European champion 1-Cushion 12,72
1967-68 De Panne (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 28,37
  Waterschei (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 11,20
  Liege (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,414
  Madrid (Spa) European champion 3-Cushion 1,379
  Düren (Ger) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,227
  Tournai (Bel) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 13,11
  Tarragona (Spa) European champion 71/2 balk line 29,57
1968-69 Boom (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 69,40
  Ghent (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 11,02
  Mol (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  The Hague (Net) European champion 3-Cushion 1,538
  Tokyo (Jap) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,276
  Alghero (Ita) European champion 1-Cushion 12,06
1969-70 Ghent (Bel) Belgian champion Straight rail 227,27
  Hasselt (Bel) Belgian champion 47/2 balk line 75,63
  Deurne (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 11,54
  La Louvière (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,463
  Herentals (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Linz (Aut) Worldchampion Straight rail 178,84
  Apeldoorn (Net) European champion 1-Cushion 9,85
  Murcia (Spa) European champion Pentathlon  
  Tournai (Bel) European champion 3-Cushion 1,366
  Las Vegas (USA) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,164
1970-71 Beersel (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 15,01
  Ghent (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,653
  Geel (Bel) European champion 3-Cushion 1,621
  Groningen (Net) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,266
  Valkenburg (Net) European champion 71/2 balk line 57,38
1971-72 Ghent (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 85,71
  Hoboken (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,527
  Dortmund (Ger) European champion 3-Cushion 1,501
  Ghent (Bel) Worldchampion Pentathlon  
  Buenos Aires (Arg) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,315
1972-73 Brussels (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,333
  Brussels (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Cairo (Egy) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,478
  Deurne (Bel) European champion Pentathlon  
1973-74 Malines (Bel) Belgian champion 47/1 balk line 46,70
  Liege (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,274
  Eeklo (Bel) European champion 3-Cushion 1,527
  Nice (Fra) Worldchampion Pentathlon  
1974-75 Beerse (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 71,42
  Jemeppe (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,255
  Rotterdam (Net) European champion 3-Cushion 1,406
  Ghent (Bel) Worldchampion Pentathlon  
  La Paz (Bol) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,308
1975-76 Verviers (Bel) Belgian champion 47/1 balk line 36,84
  Hasselt (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,634
  Walsum (Ger) European champion 47/1 balk line 24,63
  Valencia (Spa) European champion 3-Cushion 1,563
  Mollerusa (Spa) Worldchampion 47/1 balk line 30,43
  Louvain (Bel) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 15,05
  Ostende (Bel) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,500
1976-77 Strombeek (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 18,18
  Courtrai (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,506
  Eeklo (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Bottrop (Ger) European champion 1-Cushion 12,84
  Lausanne (Swi) European champion 3-Cushion 1,310
  Tokyo (Jap) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,372
  Rotterdam (Net) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 13,71
1977-78 Hoboken (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,484
  Alken (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Zelzate (Bel) European champion 1-Cushion 13,37
  Copenhagen (Den) European champion 3-Cushion 1,476
  Bruges (Bel) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 12,84
  Las Vegas (USA) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,679
1978-79 Neeroeteren (Bel) Belgian champion 71/2 balk line 53,65
  ? Belgian champion 1-Cushion 10,52
  Vorst (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,448
  Deurne (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Quierschied (Ger) European champion 71/2 balk line 50,33
  Emmeloord (Net) European champion 1-Cushion 11,73
  Mollerusa (Spa) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 10,81
  Düren (Ger) European champion 3-Cushion 1,369
  Louvain (Bel) European champion Pentathlon  
  Lima (Per) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,384
1979-80 Alken (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 13,63
  Banneux (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,577
  Helsingborg (Swe) European champion 3-Cushion 1,571
  Buenos Aires (Arg) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,460
1980-81 Hechtel (Bel) Belgian champion 47/1 balk line 34,72
  ? Belgian champion 1-Cushion 15,30
  Ostende (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,794
  Bruges (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Vienna (Aut) European champion 3-Cushion 1,382
1981-82 St, Niklaas (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Porto (Por) European champion 3-Cushion 1,365
1982-83 Dunkirk (Fra) European champion 3-Cushion 1,355
  Aix-les-Bains (Fra) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,447
1983-84 Kessel (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,497
  Franeker (Net) European champion 1-Cushion 10,13
  Greve-Strand (Den) Worldchampion 1-Cushion 14,63
1984-85 Manage (Bel) Belgian champion 1-Cushion 10,56
  Epinal (Fra) European champion 1-Cushion 12,16
  Heeswijk-Dinther (Net) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,541
1985-86 Louveigné (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,690
  Eeklo (Bel) Belgian champion Pentathlon  
  Dülmen (Ger) European champion 1-Cushion 10,97
1986-87 Waalwijk (Net) European champion 3-Cushion 1,411
1991-92 Cairo (Egy) European champion 3-Cushion 1,293
1992-93 Hooglede (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion  
1998-99 Blankenberge (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,634
2000-01 Blankenberge (Bel) Belgian champion 3-Cushion 1,835
2001-02 Luxemburg (Lux) Worldchampion 3-Cushion 1,688

Billiards Worldcup Association

Below a recap of Ceulemans's victories in BWA tournaments and BWA Grand Prix events - first his three world crowns, then his first places in BWA single tournaments.

1986 Raymond Ceulemans 1,278 4  
1987 Raymond Ceulemans 1,359 4  
1990 Raymond Ceulemans 1,530 6  
Nov 1986 Paris (Fra) BWA World Cup 1,163
Oct 1987 Paris (Fra) BWA World Cup 1,303
May 1988 Antwerp (Bel) BWA Grand Prix 1,414
Dec 1989 Palma De Mallorca (Spa) BWA World Cup 1,280
Nov 1990 Paris (Fra) BWA World Cup 1,521
Dec 1990 Norrköping (Swe) BWA World Cup 1,648
Jan 1991 Rhoon (Net) BWA Grand Prix 1,601
Dec 1991 Seoul (Kor) BWA World Cup 1,356
Jan 1992 Rhoon (Net) BWA Grand Prix 1,990
Nov 1992 Orléans (Fra) BWA World Cup 1,492
Nov 1993 Tokyo (Jap) BWA World Cup 1,461
Aug 1995 Buenos Aires (Arg) BWA Grand Prix 1,478
Dec 1995 Antwerp (Bel) BWA World Cup 1,757

CEB Grand Prix tournaments

Twice Raymond Ceulemans became winner of CEB Grand Prix events - in Malmö, Sweden, in February 1987 and in Aalborg, Denmark, in January 1988.

European Championships Pentathlon National Teams

From 1966 thru 1991 this event was held bi-annually and at the time could be seen as one of the major tournaments ever held. Five players of a national team entered in five various disciplines - straight rail, two balk line games, and the 1-cushion and 3-cushion disciplines. Raymond Ceulemans won four European titles here, being member of the Belgian team in 1968, 1970, 1974 and 1991.

Coupe d'Europe Clubteams

Five times Ceulemans won the European title as member of a team. In 1962 (Billard Club Antverpia), 1967, 1968, 1969 (Kempische Biljart Academie) and 1986 (BC Royal Mechelen) his team turned up in first place.

Belgian Cup

Annually since 1989 the Belgian Cup is held, a contest where the best players of Belgium enter. Raymond Ceulemans managed to win this event three times, in 1992, 1994 and 2001.

Superprestige event

This tournament was inaugurated in 1985. No less than seven times Raymond Ceulemans ended up in first place, in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1994, 1995 and 1997.

National Grand Prix tournaments

Nationally since the 1984-85 season Grand Prix tournaments are being held. Through the 2000-01 season Raymond Ceulemans captured 39 first prizes on a total of 115 events organized over the years.

Other (inter)national tournaments

Ceulemans captured numerous first places in other tournaments over the years. Just to name a few - 9 times winner of the international Simonis Cup (held at various spots throughout Europe from 1960 thru 1975), winner of the Briljant Tournament in Rotterdam in 1991 and 1992, winner of the Wetsteijn Tournament in 1991, more than 15 (!) times winner of the Boerinnekes Pentathlon event in Antwerp, Belgium, and 20 (!) times victor of the 'Schaal Van Laere' 3-cushion tournament in Ghent, Belgium.


Raymond Ceulemans won various awards during his career. Probably the one he loves most is the fact he was named 'Sportsman of 1978' in his country, likely the first time a billiardplayer turned up first before athletes in other fields. Ceulemans also is holder of the Belgisch 'Order of Merits' (1967-68), and was named member of honor of the Belgisch and Dutch Billiards Federation.


Raymond Ceulemans has established numerous world-, European and national records in various disciplines of the billiards sport. The list of records mentioning here would take too much space. It's remarkable though the now 65 years old (July 12, 1937) 'Maestro' has bettered all his marks when he had reached the age of 60...